Valentine African Style
From February 12th to Frebruary 18th

Here’s the plan! You are going to discover the motherland in 2018.

We have a special “Valentine in Africa” tour all set and ready to go for you. The tour is from February 12th to 18th. Bring your better half, and let us give you an authentic African Wedding which is going to seal your union for eternity.

If you come single, don’t worry, we get you. Côte d’Ivoire is “the World first producer of Hotties”, and we have plenty lined up just for you LoL So pack your bags, and let’s start the most romantic adventure of your life.



You will be met at the airport Felix Houphouet Boigny (Abj) by your exuL Voyage expert, and transferred to you residence. Receive a welcome drink as well as an introduction to Abidjan. Meet your fellow "e x u L e r s", share your first dinner Ivoirien style.
Relax and Good night. We have a long day tomorrow.

Breakfast. Adjamé Market.


Mingle with the locals in one of the largest market in West Africa. Buy some fabrics and have one of "Madiara K" 's tailor, custom make you an authentic Ivoirien outfit. Lunch, then discover the city (Cathedral St Paul, Mosquée du Plateaux, bateau- mouche...).

Quick stop at the supermarket for last minute essentials, before we head back "home" for dinner. Finish the night with a live band performance. Bonne nuit


After our delicious breakfast, we’ll head up to the Akan/Appolonien Village, which also happened to be Côte d’Ivoire first capital.You have the option to be made up by a top makeup artist...

And dress up in some of the most glorious traditional outfits, worn by kings and queens!

We are now ready for the ceremony. Let's experience a breath taking moment. For our couples, we will renew your vows or “seal” your union, in a colorful ceremony. For our single friends, you’ll get the “African Sacred blessing” from a high ranking member of the royal court. Either way, the party will be Royal, local dishes, dancing, singing, mingling and meeting the locals.

For the evening, we’ll take the party to the beach, and continue to enjoy the festivities.

Romantic night or crazy dancing! Your choice.


We will be visiting a family owned plantation in the village of N'Zikro. You'll discover where the chocolate and coffee in your cup starts from, as Côte d'Ivoire is number one producer of Cocoa in the world, and one of the top in coffee beans.

The best part of this village is the local school, EPP Brahimkro, built by the farm's owner a few years ago. Today, it is a full fledged elementary school, but still in great needs.

You will interact with the villagers. The village is poor without electricity nor running water, but the people are happy and always eager to share the little they have. The Children are amazingly driven and in constant need of school supplies. If you have any left over or gently used school supplies (pen, notebooks, pencils, erasers, backpack...), kids clothes or shoes (newborn to 17 years old), toys... please bring some with you. You will be able to hand them directly to the children and might change a child's life.

Also, 5% of your payment is going to a solar panel fund for the village.
For more informations on the school, see the link "Giving Back"


Today we’re discovering Abidjan. A boat ride on the “ Lagune Ebrié” will take us in the heart of the city. After a couple of stops, monument and shopping, we’ll have lunch, and then burn those calories thru a traditional dance class.
Before going home, let’s stop by the tailor to pick up our custom made African outfits.
Diner, and early night. We have a long day tomorrow. But for those who would like to enjoy a night out, the option is there.


Discover the Administrative and Political capital: Yamoussoukro. It's one of the largest city in the country and is home to the largest Basilica in the world: Basilica of Our Lady of peace.

But before let's discover the deep side of African Culture and artistic "savoir faire". Our first stop will be at the village of Bomizambo, where some of the last "tisserands" are still making the most amazing fabrics: "Pagne Baoule", aka KITA, the way their ancestors did centuries ago.

Once we leave our beautiful artists, we'll get to experience one of Africa's most secretive and beautiful tradition, the "Goli Dance" aka "La Danse sacré du Goli".

After this thrilling experience, and once the Chief give us the ok to leave, we'll make a stop to see how the most known and eaten Ivoirien dish is made. ATTIÈKÉ


Last day. Get some good sleep, because you're cooking today. Choose your favorite Ivoirien dish, and with the help of the chef, learn how to make it. We'll invite our friends, new friends and family to share those amazing dishes, and say bye the Ivoirien way: Dance and eat. Pack and Airport!!! Aurevoir Côte D'ivoire. Until next time.


February 12th - February 18th
*Special Valentine (limited space available)

March 12th - March 18th 2018

April 9th - April 15th 2018