Côte d'Ivoire a.k.a Ivory Coast, is one of the jewels of West Africa. Its stunning natural beauty and its unexpected mix of traditional and modern architecture, make this little corner of the continent a true gem. You will be transported in a wonderful and unexpected world!


The West African nation of Ghana sits along the Atlantic Ocean between Togo and the Ivory Coast. From its beaches in the south to its northern grasslands, Ghana brims with color and life and is one of those places you just must visit in Africa.


Explore the mystery of Morocco’s unexpected treasures, winding alleyways, and stunning natural beauty. 6 nights in a sumptuous Moroccan riad. Enjoy a curated itinerary filled with experiences only an insider could access. A professional photographer on hand to capture every magical Moroccan moment. See (and eat) the things you’d never find on your own.


You'll see the rich cultural life of Johannesburg on an epic South African getaway. 6 nights in a gorgeous boutique hotel. Curated itinerary based on our personal favorites. Email support and outstanding customer service. Photos for days. See and eat the things you’d never find on your own. Travel like a South African local.


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