A 7 days adventure in Africa


Day 1

We Arrive in Accra (exciting!) Transfer from the airport to hotel or Villas. Depending on the time of arrival, we will devour either lunch or dinner, and enjoy some free time in the city.

Day 2

Breakfast then depart on our Accra City Tour: -The Kwame Nkrumah Memorial. This memorial is so important because Kwame Nkrumah was a Ghanaian politician and revolutionary. He was the first prime minister and president of Ghana, having led it to independence from Britain in 1956. -Park, the resting place of Ghana’s 1st president. -The Art Village, then Lunch Next stop, The Fishing Village. This village is filled with tons of canoes where men catch Tilapia, Tuna, Herring, and Sole. Our Visit ends with shopping for fabric and dress making. We dance the night away at the Republic Bar & Grill.

Day 3

Day trip to Cape Coast. We will Visit the Slave Castle for an historical tour. This castle is grand in size and drives you into the past. Lunch. Naming and return home ceremony. All done at the Door of no return Castle which is a prime picture taking spot. After Lunch, canopy way tour to Cape Coast for slave Castle. Kakum Canopy Walk Way Tour which makes you feel like you are in the middle of a jungle expedition. Super fun and super adventures experience. Afterwards, back to Accra. If you are feeling up for it lets go out and dance to some Afro beats!

Day 4

Kumasi City Tour and Ashante Kingdom for a historical tour of the Ashanties tribe. Visit Kente Weaving village, cocoa farm and the chef Palace.

Day 5

For our last day we deserve to be pampered so we will go to BOJO Beach resort. Relax and reminisce over the past couple days. The rest of the day will depend on your departure time.


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