My name is Madiara Kone. I'm a native of Cote d'Ivoire. I spent most of my life in France and the United States, but growing up, I was fortunate enough to take regular trips back to my homeland, and also travel all around the world. Traveling has always been a big passion of mine. Learning from others is the only thing that truly make you richer. Wherever I go, I feel like a local, I'm never really a "tourist". The learnings from all the different cultures that I've been exposed to have been invaluable in expanding my mind and in my journey of self realization.
I've now made it a life mission to help anyone willing to cross the chasm from merely exploring to truly immersing themselves in local culture.
I've had the privilege to show countless travelers the real Côte d'Ivoire, on and off the beaten path, as well as surrounding nations. Every time I've taken an "exuLer" to a new destination, the experience has been unique and truly exceptional.
Join the exuL family and embark in life changing adventures you would not experience, traveling as a mere tourist. The authenticity of this tour is what makes it so unique!

Happy Travels!
Madiara Kone,
Founder - exuL Voyage


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